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Stand 15.09.2018 • facebook
Griffkraft in Deutschland und Österreich

VI KING KONG Challenge 2018

National Armlifting League • NAL

Austria war die erfolgreichste Venue Dank der starken Leistungen aller Sportler. Zwei von uns haben sich sogar aufs Treppchen gekämpft.

Patricia schaffte es bei den Frauen auf Platz 3 mit Moontop Weltrekord
Stefan schaffte es bei den Männern ü50 auf Platz 3

Resultate weltweit: download
Individual Ergebnis weltweit: download
Venue Vergleich weltweit: download

Ergebnisse Venue Austria:

Event 1 - Flask download
Event 2 - 2,5" Crusher download
Event 3 - Moontop download
Event 4 - 2,5" Jug download

Gesamtwertung Österreich download


King Kong 27. Oktober 2018 in der Aktivwelt Tirol in Buch bei Jenbach
Ausschreibung download: HIER

Regelwerk draft (Juli) KING KONG 2018 download: HIER

Offizielles Regelwerk (September) KING KONG 2018 download: HIER
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Stand 14.10.2018 37/30

Vorname Name Land Klasse Team
Lauro Biastoch GDR Junior 72 Team Fitgiant
Matthias  Härle GER Men 105 Grip Sport Germany
Erwin  Geisler AT Men 105 Hall of Pain
Maximilian Ernst GER Men 105 TSG Augsburg
Alexander Hildebrandt GER Men 105 GSC
Dario  Prinz CH Men 105 Stark fürs Leben
Mario Blasiker AT Men 105 Stark fürs Leben
Marcus Lange GER Men 105 Stark fürs Leben
Stefan  Diem GER  Men 105 Team Fitgiant
Sirko  Petermann AT Men 120 Team Fitgiant
Georg  Stübler AT Men 120 Armwrestler Graz
Stefan  Falke GER Men 120 Grip Sport Germany
Christian Daxgabler AT Men 120 Hall of Pain
Daniel Prijetkov AT Men 120 Hall of Pain
Guido Biastoch GDR Men 120 Team Fitgiant
Klaus  Steinbock AT Men 120 Team Wuzl
Manuel  Singer  AT Men 120 Armwrestler Wien
Sven Tomoscheit GER Men 120 Team Fitgiant
Johannes Eichinger GER Men 120+ Team Fitgaint
Oliver  Dorsch GER Men 120+ Team Fitgiant
Daniel Mühlberger AT Men 120+ Hall of Pain
Stefan  Strasser GER Men 120+ Stark fürs Leben
Andi Starzer GER Men 120+ Team Fitgiant
Stefan  Sieberer AT Men 74 Hall of Pain
Dennis Eichinger GER Men 74 Team Fitgiant
Eric Kraus AT Men 74 Hall of Pain
Florian  Maikl AT Men 93 Hall of Pain
Jürgen  Garschall AT Men 93 Armwrestler Wien
Manuela Falke GER Women 72 Grip Sport Germany
Bianca Sieberer AT Women 72 Hall of Pain
Carmen Hildebrandt GER Women 72 GSC
Bora  Budanov CZ Women 72 Team Wuzl
Monika Richter GER Women 72+ Team Fitgiant
Olivia Freydis Lampert AT Women 72+ Hall of Pain
Patricia Luxner AT Women 72+ Team Fitgiant
Daniela Bräutigam GDR Women 72+ Zalomeo
Nadia Otter GER Women 72+ Team Fitgiant


6th Annual International King Kong Grip Challenge

Saturday, October 27th, 2018

Multi-City Mega Contest

Flask One Hand Pinch Deadlift (Barrel Strength)
2.5" Crusher (FBBC)
MoonTop (World of Grip)
2.5" Jug (FBBC)

Weight Classes:
Men: 59 kg / 66 kg / 74 kg / 83 kg / 93 kg / 105 kg / 120 kg / 120+ kg
Women: 72 kg / 72+ kg
Men 50+ Years: Open

4 attempts, rising bar format
Reverse Strongman Scoring

Custom King Kong gorilla sculptures for the following:

• All class champions
• The overall top lifter in each event
• The best pound-for-pound performance
• The overall champion ("The King Kong of Grip")

Medals for 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each class

Confirmed venues and promoters (so far):
North America:
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Eric Roussin
Detroit, Michigan, USA - Andrew Pantke
Brentwood, Tennessee, USA – Gil Goodman
Mindoro, Wisconsin, USA - Allen Heineck
Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, USA - Jedd Johnson
Millersville, Missouri, USA – John McCarter
San Diego, California, USA – Riccardo Magni and Odd Haugen
Astoria, Queens, New York, USA - Anton Torrella
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Bryan Hunsaker

London, England - Dan Thomas
Norway – Thomas Larsen
Italy – Aldo Alberico
Iisalmi, Finland - Jouni Mähönen
Järvenpää, Finland - Harri Tolonen
Moscow, Russia - Andrey Terenyev
Ukraine - Ivan Pupchenko
Kolsass, Austria - Patsy and Sirko Petermann

Melbourne, Australia - Andrew Lea


Regeländerung 14.09.2019
Based on the realization that significant weights will be lifted by some
King Kong competitors in the 2.5" Jug event, there is a need to review the
loading pin cross-guard attachment criteria. By following the attachment
instructions in the official rules document, you may run into space
limitations (particularly if you will be using thick plates). For this
reason, the original cross-guard attachment instructions for all lifts
should be viewed as a suggested approach, rather than a mandatory approach.
Placing the cross-guard at the bottom of the loading pin is the simplest
option, and provides the most space to load weights. This said, it will be
up to you, the promoters, to ensure that the crossbar is adjusted
accordingly for each event. This means that the following are the minimum
distances that should be set between the top of the cross-guard and the
bottom of the crossbar:

Flask - 7.5"
2.5" Crusher - 6"
MoonTop - 13"
2.5" Jug - 6"

The attached document shows the required crossbar height settings assuming
the cross-guard is placed at the bottom of the loading pin.

If you are working with a fixed height crossbar (set at the standard height
of 16.5") please do follow the original cross-guard attachment instructions
in the rules document, and ensure you use weight plates that can fit on the

ALSO - it is permissible for competitors to stand on blocks or plates in
instances where they may have difficulty in lifting the implement to the
required height. This may be the case for shorter competitors.